With our Wel-B real healthy snacks, we’re proud to be taking part
in helping our customers be healthy and blissful. Oil-free and food additive-free,
Wel-B is a real healthy snackthat keeps the nutrition at its utmost.

As our own names, our compan is called the “Joe-Ry Family”.
Our friendship is as strong asthat of a family, hence
our familial philosophy.That is to select the best,
the safest,and the healthiest for our family members
and everyonewho wants to be part of us.

Resultingly, The first circle of people who tried our product is
our own family: dad, mom, sisters, Brothers, etc.
Wel-B’s inspiration to create the best, as to our family, will always stay.

Quality is the core of Wel-B’s philosophy.
All products have passed a strict quality control,
in items or raw material selection, production efficency,
cleanliness, end safety.

This method can keep the nutrition at its utmost by dehydrating fruits and make them solid. Neither a high temperature nor oil is required in the procedure. That is why we chose the freeze-driedmethod for every product of Wel-B.

We believe in a perfect balance of nature; thus, all of our ingredients are 100% natural and without food additives, allowing you to enjoy Wel-B with heart and soul!